Since Hip Hop is Dead, this is The N.


I never thought I’d see the day any label would consider dropping Nas but apparently, we live in a time where Soulja Boy is “Top 5 Dead or Alive” and can call dudes like GZA wack. Smh. 

I woke up this morning to some talk on the radio about Nas supposedly about to get dropped from Def Jam over the title of his new album. I’m not one for rumors myself so normally I would brush this aside, call someone and confirm but…for what. Whats the point. I would say I’m surprised but I’m definitely not, I kind of saw this one coming as soon as big homie left being that they only brought dude over with his help and seeing things from a 1st hand, I kind of found it hard to believe myself that they’d give dude the same type of support after Jay left. If it is true, thats wack…super wack. But I don’t think it’ll be over the album title which I thought they’d end up changing to “The N” anyways seeing as that was the original title of “Hip Hop is Dead…The N”and around last summer Nas had you all talking about his upcoming album called “Nigger” before he decided to change it to the aforementioned. If it is over the album title, just goes to prove how real the quote “…believe half of what you see, none of what you hear, even if its spat by me.” on “Ignoran’t Shit” is.

But of course, this is all speculation anyway, he say she say shit. Hopefully none of this is for real and we can expect some more Nas classic shit in the near future…niggas!

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One Response to “Since Hip Hop is Dead, this is The N.”

  1. bkgirl Says:

    wow i didnt know that…messed up how they gonna get nas off the label like that.

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