Dumb Rappers Need Teaching!

Bol just ripped Soulja Boy a new one over at his XXL Blog. LMFAO!

I never thought I’d agree with Bol on something music related but dude hit the spot on this one. Wu Tang Clan ain’t Nothin’ to F-Wit and Neither is the Gza the Genius! Crank dat suicide note and one ya self for disrespecting the architect!

I promised myself I wouldn’t blog about about stuff like this but in this case I’ll make an exception. The shit needed to be said.

“The game used to make you sell your soul, now it gotta come with a dance” – Joe Budden.

Protect Ya Neck! 

One Response to “Dumb Rappers Need Teaching!”

  1. Prophit Says:

    This is not a test it’s difficulty
    Picture closely the ignorant mostly
    Blind deaf dumb your mind left numb
    Lost soul who failed to hear the roll of the drum
    In the bottom of your bomb shelter still felt the
    Heavy blast that blew off the mass of twelve welders

    The math of an elder, praise the lord.


    Fuck a soulja boy! and fuck the world for embracing this shit.

    the youth do not gain knowledge learning a 2 step dance

    time to teach these niggas salsa

    now thats technical !!

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