Riddle Me This Dumbledore.

It’s almost HP Season. You ready Jabelita?! Looks dope.

5 Responses to “Riddle Me This Dumbledore.”

  1. Melo Says:

    HOLY DAMN!!! this looks grrrrreat!!! but i dont know if i want it to come out because that means only one more Potter movie after this and no more books… what the helllllllll?!!??!?!

    ok, im gonna fandango alert myself so i can get tickets asap!!!!

  2. Labonium Says:

    MAN these trailers kill me evertime they come out

    I just hpe that make sure they get all the movies done before the actors get too old

  3. jenny Says:

    i hate Al and Melo for getting me into Harry Potter.. i’m on some obsessed shit now, i’ve been dyingggg for this one to come out already! thanks for the teaser, should hold me out for another few weeks.. lol..

  4. Apollo The Great Says:

    I’m not even a HP watcher … but this shit looks like its gonna b sick

  5. KLEP ONE Says:

    Yeah I’ve never read any books but I’ve seen all the movies. Definitely agree they need to speed up the process of releasing these but I dont doubt they’re going to be dope as shit.

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