“Revolutionary People Are Not Normal People.”

Whoa! Finally, the long awaited Che Guervara movie staring Benicio Del Toro. The trailer just debuted at Cannes Film Festival apparently. Super excited to watch this when it comes out. The resemblance in some scenes are incredible! Interestingly enough, it is completely in Spanish. Made me think of the fictional movie “Medellin” on Entourage. Should be greatness!

Disclaimer: I never repped Che or understood the whole “Che Guevara” pop culture phenomenon before I actually took the time out to do some extensive research on the guy and while I will say he wasn’t 100% on his own beliefs towards the end of his involvment in The Cuban Revolution, I can easily say that he was a good dude with great ideas and beliefs who fought for the people and dedicated his life to free oppressed people, not even those of his own country.I definitely admire that aspect about the guy and can see the good he did during the revolution rather than focus on the not so good.

Just felt I should state that so no one thinks I’m hopping on the ‘Che Pop Culture Phenomenon’ Bandwagon out of left field. I suggest you guys/gals do the same on your free time. Look up some documentaries or movies on Fidel and Che, you won’t be disappointed.

Props to Che Sing The Cool.

2 Responses to ““Revolutionary People Are Not Normal People.””

  1. Blu Says:

    im glad you’re not jumpin on the bandwagon. i hated it when dudes wanted to wear his shirts because jay wore them, and they never even heard of the man. i hate followers.

  2. Blu Says:

    oh yeah, and i also thought of medillian as soon as i saw the post.

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