So I Switch My Girls Around Like 3-L-Dub…


The Spanish BAD chick from “3LW/Cheetah Girls” just got the MU treatment.

As the story goes…

According to Bailon’s rep, the Disney actress is “Absolutely distraught. It’s not a scenario where she purposely leaked the photos for attention. This was never really expected.”

Adrienne will be pursuing legal action against the person sending these private photos out.”

It’s not the first time a seemingly squeaky clean Disney stars been caught on camera in poses she’d rather not have fans see.

Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical shot to fame last year after her own nude photos surfaced on the Internet.

In Bailon’s case, her laptop computer went missing for several hours at JFK International Airport. It was returned but the photos on it (intended for her boyfriend Robert Kardashian) had been copied and surfaced soon after.

Zeeked! Holy Crrrrrrap tho. Like I needed any more reason to want to give it to shorty! Someone has to have more, come with it!

Hit the jump for the back shot. adrienne1


4 Responses to “So I Switch My Girls Around Like 3-L-Dub…”

  1. p00n Says:


  2. sai Says:

    she bad.

  3. LoO Says:

    OH MY GAD!

  4. Mikey McFly Says:


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