Anyway, They Don’t Know You Like I Do.

Kanye West – “Paranoid”

Pardon the 100 drops over it. This song is dope. 1 of 2 I like (out of not that many).  Dope flow, dope beat, dope hook. Finally…GOOD stuff again. Why can’t there be more stuff like this on the album?!

And while we’re at it…why does everyone assume I hate Kid Cudi? I don’t hate Kid Cudi.

3 Responses to “Anyway, They Don’t Know You Like I Do.”

  1. h.e.r. Says:


  2. KvnTheTruth Says:

    I’m tired of people looking for hip-hop in this album. This isn’t a hip-hop album, he said it himself. It’s pop art. Idk why people are giving this such a bad rap. It’s like HipHopDX rating a Panic! album. Yes, it’s a hip-hop artist, but not a hip hop album.

    as a Pop album, it works, disagree if you will.

  3. KLEP ONE Says:

    Granted my original comment, granted your point, granted I like the album…I agree. But I see why people get confused. Its not a bad album. Its just that when the couple of songs suck on the album…they suck alllllllllll the way. like…badly. but the ones that work, came out pretty good.

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