It’s Amazing. So Amazing.

…trust me, you’ll want to cop this special edition in December on the strength of the artwork alone. Dopeness! Going to make a great Christmas gift.

3 Responses to “It’s Amazing. So Amazing.”

  1. john Says:

    so now people buy albums because of artwork? good point! must be a great album, especially those first tracks to come out! pop music at its finest

  2. Shane Great Says:

    i gotta give Ye’ respect with this…giving the Kaws treatment to the album is dope!! and yes…back in the days especially in the 70’s and 80’s…having dope album artwork was key!! i miss coppin’ shit on vinyl when u had big pictures and dope layouts!! good work with this!!

  3. KLEP ONE Says:

    I agree with Shane, til this day Artwork is very very instrumental in my opinion on an album overall. It’s at least half a mic in my rating. Gotta appreciate the packaging when you unwrap and read the credits on the first listen. You can have the hottest shit and if your album looks wack, takes away from the experience to me. Shane is gonna love this shit lol.

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