The Day I Met God aka DJ Premier!

Top 10 Hip Hop Inspirations To Meet In My Lifetime (in no order):

1. Jay-Z
2. Nas
3. Eminem
4. Big Pun
5. J-Dilla
6. Biggie
7. DJ Premier
8. MF Doom
9. The LOX (even tho I’ve seen Jada in person)
10. Kanye West (Been up close but haven’t interacted with yet)

So long story short, I’m at the Ludacris “Theater Of The Mind” show the other night upstairs in the VIP section *stunt* and I turn around and see God himself! DJ Premier! Quickly told my boy Drew to grab his camera FAST and headed towards The Light lol. Got up to Premier and told him he was pretty much like God to me and if he wouldn’t mind taking a picture. After the picture was taken, told him I couldn’t even begin to tell him how much of an inspiration he is to me, that I do what I do because of him and that we’re both mutual friends with my homie DJ Vega Benneton and hopefully I would see him again. Great fucking night! I was going to Bow Down like Pharell does everytime he see’s Premo but I opted not to this time around, but next time…I’m doing it lol. [pause nohomo for all of you into that] And thats the night…I met God.

Hopefully I can get one of these bad boys of my own in the future…

Klep One – “Stick Around” (old as hell, but fuck it)

3 Responses to “The Day I Met God aka DJ Premier!”

  1. Mikey McFly Says:


  2. Teddy! Says:

    the GOD indeed. i met him a couple years ago and despite him be a street dude. he’s a humble ass cat. he’ll really chop it up with you and give you pointers. i met him at a symposium and he was taking cats demos and giving his number out. *bumps group home album*

  3. M Says:

    Pretty good list yo!!!
    1.Never met Jay
    2.Was at a party in 1996 wit Nas and BIG around when I rule the world was out….It was bug seein these cats in the same circumference just chilling,bugging…..
    3.Never met Em or Dlla
    4.Met and saw BiG Pun perform….shit was crazy…he was bigger in person
    5.Met Premo several times and wit Guru as well……cool cats, had to get a poster autograhed…I mean it was Gangstarr for chrissakes.
    6.Doom I know pretty well actually, met in 1998 and he used to cop trees from me, we would burn L’s and play chess and build…..ain’t seen him in a few years but that’s my dude.
    7.Lox- been in the vicinity but ain’t build wit em….S.P is one of my fave mcs…….

    I think the one cat I would wanna build wit that I never met is Ice Cube..That was my favorite mc in the early 90’s………….

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