Viva La Revolución!

Opens today December 12, 2008 | Runtime:4 hr. 18 min.

Two show times at 1 theater this weekend. I might have to go do that.

Opens everywhere Jan. 9th but in 2 seperate movies, 1 whole movie this week.

Should be fucking GRRREAT!

3 Responses to “Viva La Revolución!”

  1. tim Says:

    holy shit, you’re KLEP from the old hollafront fam.. nice to see you’re still doin your thing. i’m running a blog of my own with a plain ass wordpress theme but hey, it’s just a little hobby for now. hope all is well man

  2. the iron liver Says:

    4hrs! That’s half a work day!

  3. anti Says:

    I hate you.

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