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…So We Just Dance.

August 14, 2010

T-Shirt – “Allure (Must Have Been Love)”

Long story short: I came across the homie T-Shirt via Twitter (Yes, the shit I said I wouldn’t use over a year ago that I know abuse on a daily basis to kill time and talk my shit). As many of you know, I’m very critical of new acts. I don’t really rock with a lot of new shit out there. Nowadays, I feel like people will brand anything “dope” just because it’s new and I’m not one of those people. New and Dope don’t mean the same thing.

But I digress, I came across Shirt’s stuff after he asked me to jump on a track and gave it a listen and I fell in love with his “Tan Face Children EP”.

I don’t really want to review it or anything, thats not the purpose of this post. I just wanted to share one of my favorite tracks from The Tan Face Children EP with y’all since that’s mostly what I do on here nowadays. Just share new music from people I know or whatever they have going on in their world and showcase how dope some of my friends are and show them love.

So check it out, this one is called “Allure (Must Have Been Love)” and I just played it back to back 5 times as I always do when I listen to it so I think you should too. Enjoy!

Download The Tan Face Children EP here.

Ps. He has a new project he just finished up called “Cowboy In The Sun”. I’ll post a joint off of that soon too.