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Unlocked iPhone > Sidekick.

October 8, 2008

Next week I’m going in on my own Unlocked Sidekick. I can’t take this Sidekick shit anymore. I AM NOT A 90’s Baby! And AT&T plans are straight from the Rape N’ U Records playbook. [T Pain Voice] I’m Goooooood!

I was going to actually offer some dude on ISS $450 and he wanted more. Needless to say that wasn’t happening. Got a great deal from an intern @ work for $300. He actually offered to pay the $200 to fix the screen and just give it to me but I know how internships are, mad work and no pay so I told him I’d throw in an extra $100 just for looking out.

So as of next week…SEE YA 90’s Baby Phone! The only thing I’ll miss is the landscape QWERTY when I’m on AIM but you can miss me with that poor excuse of a 2008 touchscreen phone T-Mobile is dropping. G4 Planes > G1 Phone. G5 iMac > G1 Phone. I’ll even go as far as to say G-Unit > G1 Phone. I’m very good on that touch screen sidekick. No thanks!

Crooks x MojoLabs 1 Gig USBullet.

August 30, 2008

I can definitely use one of these for work. Not bad.

Pictures and InfoCrazysteezyo

Krink x Incase 3G iPhone Case

August 23, 2008

I don’t have an iPhone…YET, but when I get mine in due time I’m going to NEED THIS!

Apparently its a 1 of 1 which means none before it, none to come… but I seriously hope they reconsider that and produce more for the public. Worst come to worse, I have a nice bottle of KRINK in my room from like 2003 that I’ve yet to use, I’ll cop an cheap cover off ebay and get my DIY on.

Pic & Info: Hypebeast

PC Load Letter…WTF!

July 26, 2008

…this is the path my Dell computer is heading down at the moment. A grass/weed filled field in the middle of no where, 3 disgruntled workers and a bat. (more…)

Yesss…The New iPhone 3G!

June 9, 2008

Finally, Steve Jobs has revealed the news we’ve all been waiting to hear today. The 3G iPhone is a go and will drop this July 11th (Melo’s Birthday…coincidence?) for half the price of the original iPhone.

My prayers for a phone upgrade have finally been answered by the Apple gods! You don’t even understand how bad I want to get rid of my Sidekick 3…yes…I still have a Sidekick 3. I can’t hate on it, its probably the best phone I’ve had so far but in 2008, having a Sidekick and being an 80’s baby is just flat out unacceptable to me. The sidekick as great of a texting phone as it is in my opinion (with the best QWERTY keyboard so far) is the iPhone of the 90’s babies. I need the iPhone of my generation which is…the iPhone itself.

Blackberry Crackberry Shmackberry! I am a human being with life size fingers, not an action doll with a Kung-Fu Grip and tiny hands. I can’t type on that thing what so ever. The keys are all close and what not, sorry BB you lose on the QWERTY front. I also don’t send out emails like that what so ever so I don’t need a BB. I’m not corporate and if I were, I’d have that corporation give me one to work with. But I wouldn’t buy one for my own personal reasons, it kind of defeats the purpose.

Unfortunately I am stuck in my T-Mobile contract until October with my Sidekick 3 so unless I shell out the $200 for the cancellation fee, my only hopes in upgrading before then was an unlocked model of the 3G iPhone which who knows how long would have taken. That is before good ol’ Stevie decided to cut the price in half! Because there was no way in hell I was about to drop $200 to cancel 3 months early, then turn around and drop about $700 on top of that for an iphone with activation. Thats some pussy you can keep! But now, I can just drop $400 to cancel and cop and I’m still getting over on people who spent their $600 for the first iPhone. Sweet! (c) Jay.

I can’t shit on T-Mobile, their service has been great and if I can find an unlocked 3G iPhone that works, I’ll definitely try to go in on that rather than head over to AT&T because their plans are straight from Rape’n’you Records playbook! And we all know in this day in age, the first of anything always fucks up so it won’t be much to chill out and let the bugs get fixed before pursuing my dream phone but one thing is definitely clear, pretty soon it’ll be Dear Sidekick, I know you gon’ miss me. For we’ve been together like Keyboards and Flip screens”

This post is stooooopid long as it is and I haven’t even gotten into what exactly the new 3G iphone offers and you know what…I’d be lying if I said I could break it down for you all because like everyone else in the layman world I am still doing the research and figuring that all out myself. But if you want to research along with me, here are all the posts I’ve been reading on the 3G iPhone via Engadget:

and here is the new Apple commercial for the 3G iPhone narrated by Robert “Iron Man” Downey Jr.

and of course if you want more info and pictures of the phone, go to


May 13, 2008

…Luckyyyyyyyyy! (c) Napoleon Dynamite

My addiction to this game is bad enough on the ginormous but still small screen old school Sharp television, imagine if I had this shit in my house. I would never leave…EVER!

More info and pictures here.

Source: Engadget of course.

“Ring Ring” went the…

May 13, 2008

Blackberry 9000

…More reason to ignore co-workers, meetings you’re in and on coming traffic.

Coming soon? I don’t know. I’d be lying if I gave you a date. Check out the specs here.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Apple just stopped production and sales via their site on all Generation 1iPhones, and AT&T fucked up and put “iPhone Black” as an option on their website…yet claims it was an honest mistake…and the new firmware update has a 3G Enable option…but…regardless of having pictures of it, the new 3G 2nd Generation iPhone is just a myth and everything happening is just a coincidence…thats all. [Dr. Evil] Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

I’m so getting an iPhone as soon as my contract with T-Mobile is a wrap. I have to wait til October unfortunately :( but it’ll be worth the wait. The sidekick’s time is done. It was cool while it lasted. I can’t complain, it’s the best phone I’ve had so far and probably the best texting phone out there. Changed the game but it’s time has come and gone like the beeper. I need an iPhone in my life ASAP!

All info via: Engadget